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I am killing it, and I want to show off what a total boss I am. 

The clients I have been booking are less than ideal. I want to vibe with a totally different audience. 

I probably need to look more likable and show my true personality. People always say I’m so much nicer or more fun than they expected!

I want to show my passion for what I do, so I can get others excited to book my services.

I need to stand out above the rest of the social media chatter, and the stock photography or low-res selfies I’ve been using aren’t cutting it. 

I need to create a confident image of my brand (even though sometimes I am still riddled with self-doubt). 

What do you need brand photography to do for you?

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Brand photography helps you communicate that story by visually showing: 
• who you are
• what you offer
• who your target audience is.

And the best way to communicate that story to others? Through images.

Here’s the thing: Whether you know it or not, your brand has a story. It includes your values, your passions, and your reasons for doing what you do.

What’s your story?

It’s time to use power-packed images that showcase your unique story, give off all the good vibes, and make your ideal clients fall a little bit in love.

Are you showing up? If you aren’t it’s time.

Hint: It's gorgeous! Okay, okay, it's your face.

Can I be real with you for a moment?

As a creative entrepreneur, small business owner, or total boss in the office, you have one of the most powerful marketing tools readily available to you (and you probably aren’t using it as much as you should.)

Killer visual content can wordlessly connect you to your ideal client and audience, and that’s pretty awesome!

If your brand images don’t feel authentic and, more importantly, they aren’t vibing with your ideal clients, get a refresh through a brand photoshoot. 

I mean, we all know first impressions matter. But what you may not know is that those first impressions happen crazy fast (research says 1/10th of a second!). And today it is more and more likely that someone will form an impression about you before they ever even meet you. 

When potential clients are likely to check you out on social media or your website first to establish that like/know/trust factor, your online presence needs to be as magnetic and engaging as the real you.

(It’s easier than you think!)

How to hit the refresh button on your digital brand.

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It’s time to have some fun! During our session, you might even forget about the camera entirely. Afterward, I’ll be barely able to contain my excitement and send you an exclusive sneak peek (because I just can’t help myself.) Once your entire gallery has been curated, you’ll receive the full gallery of downloadable images and a feature post on my blog. But it doesn’t stop there! We'll schedule a follow-up call to discuss how you can best use your fresh new images to target your ideal audience and make your presence known on social media, so that you leave with not only images, but also a plan, in hand. 


It’s time to collaborate. You’ll give me all the info I need through an in-depth questionnaire and I’ll nail down the location and get you set up with a style guide to help you prepare for your customized session. I’m here for any questions that you have along the way. 


Get in touch! I can’t wait to hear all about your brand, your audience, and your vision. I’d love to see how I can help you shine through personality-packed pictures. Once we realize we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a booking link and get you on the calendar. 


An easy 3-step process that goes beyond a simple photoshoot, so that you can grow your business by using your images in the best way possible and start vibing with your target audience.

The Brand Plan

Forget stock photography or heavily filtered snapshots from your phone. For only $99 a month, a product photography subscription will guarantee you 10 scroll-stopping images of your products to share across social media or on your blog, so your content stays fresh and engaging.

If you’re trying to be a cover model, maybe. Here’s the thing: a headshot is simply your face. Personal branding images include your personality, your business, and your values. They invoke a feeling. They can draw the attention of your target audience. In short, they create those good vibes. 

Wouldn’t a headshot be enough?

Anywhere! These images can be used on your website, your social media channels, your marketing materials, and so on. When you book a branding session, I will work with you and give you some of my best tips and advice based on your specific business for using your branding images.

How and where do I use photos in my business?

Whether you want a personal brand or not, you already have one. Now you just need to decide to get in control of it. In a world that frequently relies on online encounters before in person meetings, it’s important to look as likable and engaging as you actually are during that first (virtual) impression. This is your chance to tell your story your way. 

Why should I want a session?

Think of personal branding as your online reputation. It is the way that people perceive you (and your business) before they ever even meet you. Your brand shows up anywhere you are encountered online. 

What exactly is Personal Branding?

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s up to you! You’ll want to keep your imagery fresh (but consistent in terms of its vibes). After your initial session, we can make a plan to help your brand continue moving forward. Many clients do monthly, semi-monthly, or even quarterly sessions to keep their images fresh, yet consistent. 

How often should I get brand photography?


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