The story of one of the best days of your life.

A wedding day album should be more than a book of photographs. It should tell a story.

The laughs shared between the groom and father of the bride, the hug from a childhood best friend, the kiss shared at the reception? These are the moments that craft legacies. 

Your wedding day deserves to be commemorated in such a way that you will be able to remember and relive it for years to come. Besides capturing the love you share and are surrounded by your special day, the details, the fruits of your months of hard work, deserve to be preserved. 

The flowers, the note on the bottom of his shoes, the gifted perfume, your late great grandmother’s brooch? These are the details that matter. 

Your Wedding Day Story: What Matters Most

When meeting with couples, I’ll always ask about how you met, popped the question, and your love for one another because all these details set the stage for me to tell your love story. 

The thing is: I love capturing all of the interesting, exciting, breath-taking, delicious, yummy, tearful, joyful moments that weddings contain. My heart's desire is to tell your love story through the lens of my camera.

For me, wedding photography is about having fun and showcasing your unique love story.

I’m Michelle, a documenter of love stories.

Hey there!

Hopelessly in love with one another

Beloved by family and friends

Caring + Fun-loving

Classy + Cool

I love working with couples who are:

Storytelling photography uniquely captures the essence of powerful moments, so that the pictures can bring back those feelings and memories for years and decades to come. 

leave you emotionally elated to share your visual love story with family and friends

capture moments in time that can never to be repeated

create imagery that can be cherished for generations to come

My mission is to:

• two photographers
• USB media storage of high-resolution images
• online gallery to share with family and friends


Signature Wedding Collection

Get in Touch

Wanting to book me for a smaller, more intimate wedding or elopement?

You relax and embrace every moment, knowing that a seasoned professional is documenting it for you to relive for years to come. In 48-72 hours after your wedding day, you’ll get your sneak peeks, and your complete wedding gallery of curated, custom images will be delivered in the following weeks.

The Big Day:

This is my chance to get to know you, and get your gorgeous faces in front of my camera. Your engagement session will start the beginning of telling your visual love story. 

Engagement session:

During the call, we’ll chat about the details, your love story, and make sure our calendar space aligns.

Book a discovery call:

Planning a wedding is hard; booking a great photographer shouldn’t be.

My Easy Booking Process

The above process applies to weddings that involve 6+ hours of shooting. Elopements/intimate nuptials that are 1 to 2 hours have a faster turn-around with a gallery of downloadable full resolution file images delivered in just 48hours. I’ll tell you all about it!


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