Creates a confident image and mindset of your brand (we say bye-bye to self-doubt).

Show your passion for what you do, so you can get others excited to book my services. 

Stand out in your crowded market, put to rest the social media chatter, and rid the stock photography or low-res selfies you've been using that ain't cutting it.

Look relatable and show your personality.  

Help you book clients that align more as your ideal customers.

I am killing it, and I want to show off what a total boss I am.


What's your story?

And the best way to communicate that story to others?  Through images.

Here's the thing: Whether you know it or not, your brand has a Story.  It includes Your values, Your Passions, and Your reasons for doing what you do. 

Brand photography helps you communicate your story by visually showing:

  • who you are
  • what you offer
  • who your target audience is



I'm your brand photographer and creative partner in capturing the essence of your brand. With a splash of quirky, vocal, and excited spirit  to your shoot, making your experience not only professional but most of all fun and stress free!  My dedication to serving my clients goes beyond the camera lens, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.

I'm  Michelle

- Brandi

"Once I received my Images I was truly proud. I felt official! It motivated me to promote my business more because I have images that represent me".





brand- elevating

Then, you'll secure your photo shoot date, with your signed contract and completed invoice.  This will be the beginning of our journey and partnership together!

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Next, we'll select the brand collection that best fits your brand and business needs based on our chat. 

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I’ll send you a booking link and get you on the calendar. In our chat together, I'll answer your questions, share my process and strategy to help you shine through personality-packed photos.

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Get in touch!  I can't wait to hear about your brand, your audience, and your vision.  Fill out the quick contact form.




  • A Brand Discovery Questionnaire 
  • Photo Shoot Guide
  • 1 Hour Planning Strategy Zoom Call
  • 3 Hour Photo Session
  • Studio or Home Studio
  • Online Gallery 
  • 75 Images YOU select
  • Time Line + Shot List
  • 1 Hour "How to use images" Zoom call
  • 60sec. Your brand in motion video 

A Brand Impact Session is a customized photography experience that elevates your brand's visual identity, helps you stand out in a crowded digital landscape, and leaves a meaningful impression on those who interact with your brand.  If you're rebranding your current brand or creating a whole new brand,  this session is for YOU! It includes:


Want to have consistent brand imagery throughout the year?  Beyond capturing stunning visuals, these sessions delve into creating a robust content strategy. It involves crafting marketing initiatives,  email campaigns, and SEO Guide to continued website discoverability. It's a whole approach to visual storytelling and strategic planning to enhance your brand's impact and momentum in the market.  It includes:



  • Two - 3 hr. photo sessions  (in 12 months)
  • 100 Images per session instead of 75 
  • Brand Authority Messaging (2 Zoom Calls)
  • SEO Guide
  • Discounted Rate
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Flexible payment plans
  • A Brand Discovery Questionnaire 
  • Photo Shoot Guide
  • 1 Hour Planning Strategy Zoom Call
  • 3 Hour Photo Session
  • Online Gallery
  • Time Line + Shot List
  • 1 Hour "content strategy" Zoom Call
  • 2 - 60sec Your brand in motion video

If you're ready to update your headshot, website images, social media platforms, marketing materials, email marketing campaigns or need fresh, updated, professional photos of your brand, then sign up for my once a year VIP Branding Power Hour Session.

power hour PHOTO SESSION

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Brand storytelling in motion is a powerful tool to enhance your brand messaging, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and achieve your marketing goals.

Now Offering:
Your Brand in Motion


- Chaundria

"I love my images and immediately gained new ideas on what I could use them for. I felt like a real professional business! It gave me the confidence I felt I lacked."

I mean, we all know first impressions matter.  But what you may not know is that those first impressions happen crazy fast (research says 1/10th of a second).  And today it is more and more likely that someone will form an impression about you before they ever even meet you. 

(it's easier than you think)

How to hit the refresh button on your digital brand.

Think of personal branding as your online reputation.  It is the way that people perceive you (and your business) before they ever even meet you.  Your brand shows up anywhere you are encountered online.

Whether you want a personal brand or not, you already have one.  Now you just need to decide to get in control of it.  In a world that frequently relies on online encounters before in person meetings, it's important to look as likable and engaging as you actually are during that first (virtual) impression. This is your chance to tell your story your way. 

Anywhere!  These images can be used on your website, your social media channels, your marketing materials, and so on.  When you book a branding session, I will work with you and give you some of my best tips and advice based on your specific business for using our branding images. 

If you're trying to be a cover model, maybe.  Here's the thing: a headshot is simply your face.  Personal branding images include your personality, your business, and your values.  They invoke a feeling.  They can draw the attention of your target audience.  In short, they create these good vibes.

That's up to you!  You'll want to keep your imagery fresh (but consistent in terms of it's vibes).  After your initial session, we can make a plan to help your brand continue moving forward.  Many clients do monthly, semi-monthly, or even quarterly sessions to keep their images fresh, yet consistent.


what exactly is personal branding?

how often should i get brand photography? 

how and where do i use photos in my business? 

is a headshot enough?

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Michelle Davina Photography is an Atlanta, Georgia-based brand photographer that partners with creative entrepreneurs to help grow their business through killer visual content that vibes with their target audience. 

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