Golden Hour Beach Photoshoot with River Eight & Co.

golden hour beach photoshoot
Photo Credit: River Eight & Co.

Are you thinking about or planning a golden hour beach photoshoot session? Well this blog post is right on time, since we are bidding farewell to the last days of summer. You know we only have a few weeks before we officially say “good-bye summer” (officially September 23, 2023).

Golden Hour Photoshoot

I can’t encourage families enough to at least have a yearly professional photoshoot. It should be a family tradition. As we have seen, life is very short and it can change in a blink. Therefore, take the time to document your life memories. I highly recommend a golden hour beach family portrait photoshoot. Indeed, I’m now partial to a Golden hour Beach photoshoot. Altogether, they are so much fun and I love the calm serene surroundings of the Beach!

Photographer and Partner

I had the pleasure and fun honor of being photographed by my fellow photographer Kay of River Eight & Co. photography. I originally meant Kay via zoom back in 2018. I had recently joined an alumni branding photographer group. We had monthly meeting via zoom that were centered around our business, marketing and strategy. For four years I got to know kay from a virtual distance.

Then in 2022, we both end up attending the same Spark Conference. All I can say is, there’s nothing like being In Person. It’s by far the first and foremost way to really connect. While zoom is great, it just doesn’t do the same justice as being In Person.

When I met Kay, In person for the first time, we had a kindred spirit that was an instant connection. Kay’s quick wit, comedic humor, and giving spirit, drew me to her. And she’s such a great photographer on top of all that. We both wanted to work together, so we did! I came to Ponte Verde, FL to work with Kay and we had an awesome golden hour beach photoshoot which she recommended and we loved it!

A Professional is always better

Here are some images from my family photoshoot with River Eight & Co. photography. Unquestionably, Kay was so helpful, knowledgable, accommodating and basically just reassuring, especially with the location, time of day, and what to wear. Kay made it so easy stress-free and fun! You can’t ask for anything more!

When you have the essentials taken care and all you need to do is show up, then ultimately you know you’re in great hands. If you’re ever in Jacksonville or in the Ponte Verde area, you definitely want to book your family portrait session with Kay of River Eight & Co.

family portrait session
Photo Credit: River Eight & Co.
golden hour beach photoshoot
Photo Credit: River Eight & Co.
golden hour beach family portrait session
Photo Credit: River Eight & Co.

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